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Having been in the woodburning/multi fuel stove industry for 10 years and selling thousands of stoves in my time, I have seen many good stove installations but have also seen many very badly installed appliances. A bad installation can result in Carbon Monoxide becoming present in the home which can cause death.

We would urge every one to have your woodburning stove installed by a registered installer so you have the peace of mind that your installation has been done in a correct and proffessional matter, giving you peace of mind for all your family.

A registered installer has passed tests to prove they have the knowledge and skills to perform an installation to a certain level as well as knowing the regulations in terms of clearances to combustibles etc.

We have set this site up to help you find an installer in your area quickly and easily. Simply enter your postcode or a location and our site will search through our databse to find you all installers in your area.

By performing a search you will receive the following results:

  • Installers Company Name
  • Full address
  • Contact Number
  • Link to the installers website (If available)
  • Email Address (If Available)
  • Get driving directions to the installers address (Printable if required)
  • Installation types available
  • Results will be shown with snippet of a map so you can see the results on the map

We give you most extensive information available to help insure you gather the information required to make an informed decision about who you would like to use for your installation.

Please Note: Our site is only an information directory and we have no control over the installers. We are not the official governing body for stove installers, we simply at the request of installers add installers details to our search database. For more information regarding an installer or to check an installers membership status please contact the governing body.


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