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Buying a woodburning stove is a great investment and will help to bring down the cost of heating in your property and help to lower the worlds carbon foot print. A woodburning stove is a beautiful thing to sit sround on a cold dark evening and can help bring families together.

While a wooburning stove is a great thing to have it does as with most things has its dangers. Woodburning stoves if installed incorrectly installed can be deadly.

As with a gas boiler you must ensure that it is installed safely and correct and to UK specs and regulations. We can not stress enough how important it is to get the service of registered installer to ensure you and your family can have peace of mind that your stove will function correctly and give you good service throughout the years. A woodburning stove when installed correctly is an enjoyable safe appliance aimed to give you warm cosey heating throughout the year.

The aim of this site is merely to display local fitters in your area. We are not affiliated with any governing bodies nor do we vet or approve any installers registration detailks etc. If you are concerned about an installer please contact the governing body.